With carpet cleaning technologies continuing to evolve, cleaning methods are becoming more and more sophisticated. However, the usual vacuuming and traditional shampooing of carpets are not enough. Regular vacuum cleaners will clean only the outermost carpet layers, leaving the bottom layers untouched. Thus, those layers still contain bacteria. In addition, the lack of suction power in the vacuums prevents them from removing dirt and debris that gathers in the carpet fibres. In this blog, we will share the details of carpet steam cleaning in Gosnells.

Step 1 – Remove the furniture items. The first step entails cleaning the spaces where the dirty carpet surface is located. Next, you must remove the bulky furniture like the chairs and tables from the working area.

Step 2 – Misting of the cleaning solution. The next step is misting and applying the cleaning solution on the dirty carpet for a few minutes. This must be followed by the agitation of carpet fibres to loosen and break up the deep-seated dirt.

Step 3 – Rising of Carpets – When the cleaning solution has settled, the carpet fibres are rinsed along with hot vaporized water or steam set at 200 degrees Fahrenheit to extract the water and soap residue. The extraction machine removes the stains and embedded grime and eliminates the remaining carpet filth.

Drying the Carpets – To quickly dry the carpet, you can use a drying machine, a fan, or a humidifier. According to carpet steam cleaning in Gosnells, an average-sized carpet of 3000 square feet will take two hours to clean and 4 hours to dry. Then, you can let the carpet dry at normal room temperature or air-conditioned overnight to be used the next day.

How is Carpet Steam Cleaning in Gosnells Beneficial?

1. Steam cleaning ensures effective deep cleaning. The detergent and vaporized water combo yield the best cleaning results. The professionals use powerful vacuums capable of emitting high-pressure steam to cleanse and penetrate deep into the base of the carpet fibres. This method offers a longer lasting and thorough carpet treatment.

2. Steam cleaning takes lesser drying time. Steam-cleaned carpets dry faster compared to other carpet cleaning methods. For example, some water-based shampoo treatments might take longer drying in a few days, unlike hot water extraction, which will only take a few hours. This happens because the strong vacuum system of steam cleaners removes 95% of the excess moisture. In addition, because of the quick drying time, steam cleaning doesn’t introduce unwanted carpet humidity and makes them dry. Thus, it prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

3. Steam cleaning is safe for human health. Other cleaning techniques included cleansing components that led to serious illness. In addition, the fumes from some of the cleaning products induced asthma and respiratory diseases. Chemical cleaners also cause poisonous burns, skin irritation and allergies. All the risks associated with human health can be eliminated in steam cleaning. Since steam cleaning uses only heated water to disinfect carpets, it is the safest option.

4. Steam cleaning kills a lot of harmful microbes. This is one of the best and biggest benefits of steam cleaning because it sanitizes the carpets. Steam cleaning carpet uses equipment injected with heated water into the carpet fibres. Thus, it removes debris build-up and eradicating the growth of germs, mites, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms present underneath. This heated application also improves the indoor air quality at home and keeps the living space germ-free and safe for the family.

For all these reasons, it is always the best option to get Carpet Steam Cleaning in Gosnells. You can rest assured that your carpet will be cleaned in the best possible way.

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