The ceiling is often left out when it comes to cleaning services, but many don’t realize that the roof accounts for roughly 25% of a cleanable area. Leaving out that much of space untouched or unclean can lead to the growth of dust mites and bacteria, which can cause infection and several diseases. Therefore, cleaning your ceiling can remove dust and bacteria and benefit your health. But how often does the ceiling need to be kept clean? First and foremost, it depends entirely on your environment. Once you understand this crucial thing, you can get in touch with Ceiling Cleaning in Gosnells.

False ceilings

False ceilings are a striking and favoured feature in most of homes today. In urban areas, false ceilings add a unique charm to the design of rooms! In addition, false ceilings do not need much maintenance but require regular false ceiling cleaning only!

Today, many types of false ceiling materials are available in the market. One can choose the materials as per the décor & budget of the home interior! The faulty ceiling cleaning process will solely depend on the material used! The easiest way to keep a false ceiling clean is to use a cloth duster or even a feather duster! Make sure that you always wear a mask! A vacuum cleaner is also an excellent option for cleaning the dust from false ceilings.

Fiber false ceiling cleaning

A simple rubber sponge can clean room ceiling tiles if the false ceiling is made of mineral fibre. Dust & soot can also be easily cleaned off with a piece of sponge. A moist cloth or a piece of sponge dipped in a detergent solution can also be an option! Always make sure to wipe it dry after use!

You can also employ a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust & fine loose dirt. Use an ordinary art gum eraser for pencil marks, smudges, or clinging dirt. Another alternative is to use a good-grade wall cleaner!

Fibreglass False Ceiling Cleaning

If the false ceiling is made from fibreglass, it can be cleaned with a moist cloth; since it can only withstand moisture, there is no fear of water damage! However, clean it regularly because there are chances of infectious microbial growth on such panels or ceiling tiles which is unattended, & might cause extreme damage to your false ceiling or could even make it fall down!

False ceilings or drop ceilings only require a regular cleaning & which helps in maintenance! If the roof is not cleaned regularly, then dust, soot & dirt will continue accumulating, causing damage to the surface & of course, creating an unpleasant dirty look!

Decorative Metal Ceiling Tiles Cleaning

Use a tender touch when cleaning ceiling tiles! First clean room ceiling tiles for a metal-based false ceiling by using a duster to wipe away all the dust. When you need to clean them, use a soft cloth or a sponge with mild soap & water (or detergent). Never use anything rough!

Duration to Carry out Cleaning Services

But it also needs to be thought about how often your ceiling needs to be cleaned. The first reason is that it depends on the environment.

Commercial ceilings are slightly different regarding how often they should be cleaned, but this also depends on environmental factors. It is best that they should be cleaned more frequently— anywhere between 6 and 36 months — mainly if the roof is a commercial kitchen with grease and other bacteria buildup.

Regardless if you need any ceiling cleaning for residential or commercial purposes, there are many reasons why it’s essential to get them cleaned by a professional cleaning company, such as Magic Mist Ceiling, regularly.

A good ceiling cleaning will remove the tobacco, cooking oil, and dust in the air, vastly improving the air quality in your home or workplace. However, over time, dust accumulates on ceilings and, if not cleaned, can lead to eye irritation, allergies, ear-eye-nose-throat infections, asthma attacks, fatigue, and even depression.

Lastly, a buildup of bacteria can lead to illnesses and a loss of work productivity. A clean ceiling keeps your employees healthy and safe and boosts workplace morale and productivity.

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