Natural stone floors are an aesthetic addition to your home’s interior. Stone is a natural flooring option with no dangerous chemicals, but it needs extra care to stay beautiful. Stone floor sealing is essential to enhance your natural and engineered stone surfaces. Stone Floor Cleaning and Sealing in Gosnellss can be a manageable task and only needs to be done every 2-3 years, more in very high-traffic areas or businesses. Still, it will make a massive difference to your stone floor investment’s colour quality and stain resistance.

Prevention goes a long way

Prevention is the key to reducing any long-term damage. By minimizing the amount of dirt and any spills on the tile’s surface, you can keep your floors looking beautiful for their entire life. Hence, always:

1. Get rid of the dirt, grime, and sand from your natural stone flooring to avoid any stain or scratches.

2. Clean up the spills as soon as possible to avoid the liquid leeching into the stone’s surface. Liquids like lemon juice, cola, and orange juice can cause permanent damage to the stone’s character if not cleaned up immediately.

3. Use the non-slip rugs near the entryways to keep dirt away from getting through the house. Stone floors are also very slippery when there is moisture.

4. One of the best methods to keep your natural stone floors lasting for a long time is to seal them properly. Be sure to choose the proper sealant, use it as directed, or leave it to professionals. Having your stone floors sealed can also prevent spills from soaking in and further staining or damaging the floors.

Natural stone floor cleaning tips

Sweep your stone floors daily to remove the dirt and grime. You can also vacuum up the dust and dirt for the best results. Keeping the dirt away from the tiles will slow the deterioration of the stone’s surface. In addition, some stone experts also believe you should mop the stone floors with clear water daily to remove day-to-day buildup.

If you are regularly using cleaners, they should be designed for stone care. You can also use a solution made of vegetable soap and water. Follow up daily care with regular deep cleanings. Homes with children and pets will require more frequent deep cleanings of the stone.

Sealed floors are easier to clean

Another benefit of Stone floor cleaning and sealing in Gosnellss is that they will become easier to clean. Stone flooring already requires much less maintenance than hardwood and carpet, but adding a sealant will make it even easier to keep your floors spotless. For example, because sealers help repel spills and surface stains, you’ll have more time to wipe up a spill without worrying about it staining your floor. There’s also a different concern about getting your floors completely dry after mopping to prevent streaking and staining since the sealant prevents the stone from absorbing any moisture.

Tile lines and crevices

Unless it’s been honed, most stone flooring likely has dips and crevices where dirt will accumulate. If those lines are continually left untreated, no mopping will remove them. This especially applies when cleaning stone tile floors because the debris gets caught in the grout lines. If this is the condition, you will require a scrubber with a brush to reach the crevices to get the embedded dirt out. However, if the stains and buildup are too much, the best way to clean the natural stone tiles may be to contact an expert tile and grout cleaning person.

With some prevention and daily care, your stone floors will be around for a long time. They will add warmth and beauty to the interior of your home for generations to come. Consider adding stone floors to your home if you want a new flooring option.

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