How to keep the office common area clean and sanitized amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

In only a few weeks, the emergence of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has created an unprecedented impact on the way we live and work. If you want to get rid of this virus, then sanitization plays a major role. Not only your residential place but also your commercial space should be just as clean. However, as easy as it seems, cleaning an entire space can be a hectic job. With certified office cleaning services, Perth, you can get rid of the hassles and focus on your work.

In simple words, the more you keep yourself and your surroundings clean and sanitized, the less you need to be worried about this disease. Proper sanitizing and disinfecting is important in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and viruses such as the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sanitization vs. Disinfecting

The terms that are often used indiscriminately but usually mean different are sanitizing and disinfecting. Knowing the difference between these two can determine the products that you will use and how you will use them. Sanitizing kills 99.9% of microorganisms according to the label while disinfecting kills 100% of microorganisms, as stated on the label.

It is most important to keep the office common area clean and sanitized as there are gathering in those areas, which increases the risk factor amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Hiring professional office cleaning services, Perth ensures that your commercial space has a user friendly and clean space with a sanitized work environment.

Details on keeping the office area clean

General office area

  • Collect rubbish from the floor

Sometimes the rubbish lying on the floor may be contaminated. So, to avoid cross-contamination, the garbage needs to be picked up and put in the dustbin or somewhere else where there can be no fear of cross-contamination.

  • Empty bins and replace bin liners

Clearing the bins and changing the bin liners regularly reduces the danger of contamination from various diseases. If you care for nature, instead of using plastic bin liners, you can use paper or some other products that can be decomposed.

As you are the owner or an employee, you won’t do this task by yourself. So for this, the office cleaning services, Perth, can be of great help for cleaning and sanitization.

  • Clean glass surfaces inside the office

As the commercial area is closed due to air conditioning and some other reasons, there is always a fear of germs and viruses in the inner glass of the office. If someone sneezes or coughs, the bacteria and viruses may flow in the air and stick in the glass.

So, the glass needs to be frequently sanitized and cleaned to remove those germs from the area, and further, no fear of getting affected by those viruses will be there.

  • Dust and wipe tables

Having a neat and clean office helps in increasing productivity. Dusting and wiping tables, first of all, help in organizing the workspace. Secondly, it helps in keeping the workspace neat and clean, which helps the employee is focusing on work.

Several office cleaning services, Perth, provide these services as an employee or employer must not waste its precious time cleaning his/her workspace and arranging it; rather, engage their time in better productivity for the company.

  • Clean computers and other office equipment

As the office is a common space for many employees or persons working together, they engage themselves in various equipment of the office. Some of the equipment and computers are used frequently by different employees. So, in that case, the transmission of the disease may occur.

To avoid this, the office equipment and computer must be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Servpro deals with this solution with trained officials who take all the major to do their job.

  • Vacuum and mop all floors

In the entrances of the office, mats should be placed where employees, before entering the office, must rub their shoes and clean them. Vacuum and mopping the floor helps in disinfecting from germs that come from outside.

The railings of the stairs and the lift must be mopped and vacuumed because these are the most common and frequently used things. Sanitizing those places lower the risk of getting infected from the deadly coronavirus.


  • Sanitizing and cleaning kitchen utensils

The main goal of cleaning & sanitizing food connection surfaces to pull out nutrients the bacteria need to develop and to remove other bacteria that are present over there. The surface must be clean and sanitized, and dried to avoid the growth of bacterial organisms.

  • Rinse
  • Clean
  • Scrub
  • Sanitize
  • Wiping benchtops and kitchen appliances

Wiping kitchen bench and appliances in the office is most important as many people get access to it. It’s very important to stay worktops and chopping boards clean because they touch the food you are going to eat. If they are not properly clean, bacteria could spread to food and cause you to be ill.

The common plates and spoons need to be completely sanitized as it will be used by various employees and frequently. This cleaning company, Perth, helps you keep your office clean and sanitized and allowing you to stay away from the amid of COVID-19.


  • Clean and disinfect toilets

Bathrooms are where you can see exactly how much a business cares about its customers and associates. A dirty, stinky bathroom can change someone’s entire opinion of a corporation. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the touch areas of the toilets and bathrooms must be continuously disinfected and cleaned.

  • Cleaning mirrors and polish bathroom tiles

In a bathroom, this is the commonplace where the presence of bacteria and viruses can be found more. If a person coughs or sneezes, the virus directly goes and sticks to the mirror and tiles. If it is not cleaned, then it causes a high risk of making the office contaminated.

For such instances, you can hire Servpro, the office cleaning services, Perth, that provides bathroom cleaning services to avoid the problems which may be caused by the amid of the pandemic COVID-19.


The most valuable thing a corporation can do is to require the utmost care of its employees as they, in turn, are liable for the functioning and profitability of the actual company. Great cleaning services near me are available at a moment’s notice and, as suggested above, are basically beneficial at the end of the day. The credibility of a company is proportional to the products they deliver, and it’s the employees’ job to push the best products by being their best. Thus, a clean and healthy environment to figure provides an opportunity for people working there to usher in their optimum performance levels.

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