How to sanitize shared office spaces?

How to sanitize shared office spaces?

The spread of COVID-19 is affecting offices across the globe. According to the WHO, COVID-19 causes illnesses ranging from flu to more severe diseases. The main focus here is on how to control transmission. Health officials are doing their best to suppress it through strict sanitation measures that offices must incorporate into their businesses. However, you can also opt for office cleaning services, Perth, to help your office with the sanitization work.

While many corporations are switching to remote work, a few companies operate with proprietary systems or with confidential materials that need employees, or shifts of laborers, to be on-premise to get the job done well. So, it’s important to help everybody stay healthy in the office while working in shared workspaces & for that purpose, sanitization is important.

What to Sanitize?

You must sanitize everything that could have been coughed or breathed.

The key to sanitization is that every spray & swipe of pathogen-killing substance eliminates most germs, hardly leaving a few remaining to find fresh hosts before their life cycle is over.

Let’s take a look at common areas that requires sanitization before you call for office cleaning services, Perth:

  • Keyboard & mouse: Keyboard & mouse has a greater possibility of getting infected from germs. All you need to do is mist them with sanitizer aerosol & let them dry completely, or you can wipe them with a sanitizer cloth.
  • Phones & headsets: Even though you are unaware, your saliva regularly splatters off of your lips as you speak, getting spits in the mouthpiece of our headsets & as per phone goes, you touch it regularly. So, carefully sanitize them if you don’t want to get infected.
  • Refreshment spaces: Your office’s snack & refreshment areas have the greater possibility of carrying contamination risks. So, they must be disinfected & sanitized. If you lack the equipment to clean large spaces, then you can opt for office cleaning services, Perth.
  • Other items that need sanitization includeFidget toys, Pencils, Pens, Printer, Chairs, desks, staplers, etc.

Sanitize Before & After Each Touch

Viruses can transmit through many ways, from a person’s touching to someone’s breathing or coughing. When a person with the virus touches or coughs on anything, contagious particles fill the air or stay on the surface & infect the stuff surrounding them. Later, if someone comes in contact with those things, the virus then transfers to the person itself without him/her realizing it.

So, before you and your staff touch anything, always remember to sanitize it first. And after using that object, sanitize it once again.

Sanitize every time & consider setting routine sanitization requirements so that no one ever leaves germs or viruses lying around for a long time. If you wish to sanitize your whole office at a time, then opt for office cleaning services, Perth, for overall sanitization work.

Products that Sanitize

To fight viruses, you require products that are powerful enough to disinfect. However, a disinfectant takes around half an hour of direct exposure to kill all viruses & bacteria, which is quite a long time for sterilizing. Fortunately, there is a slightly less potent choice – sanitization.

A sanitizing substance is something that kills 99.9 percent of germs in under thirty seconds of exposure. Prompt, efficient sanitization can eliminate the vast majority of viruses from any object or surface.

You also have the option of choosing office cleaning services, Perth, to sanitize your entire office shared workspaces.

Sanitization can be done with the help of a diluted disinfecting agent. Lysol & Clorox products are the well-known bleach brands, but isopropyl alcohol & hydrogen peroxide might as well do the job for you in your office, provided a strong enough concentration & a few minutes of exposure.

How to Sanitize office shared workspaces?

Here are some points provided by office cleaning services, Perth, that will help ease your sanitization work in your office workspaces.

1. Educate employees about Sanitization

Your employees & co-workers need to know what you’re doing & what you plan to do further to ensure their office space is safe & protected. Clarity here will provide comfort during difficult times. 

2. Embrace Technology 

Provide every staff member their own devices that they can carry with them. Each individual should be responsible for cleaning & sanitizing their respective device. This will help contain the germs & prevent them from spreading.

Now that you have found a simple way to sanitize the devices by personalizing them, it is now time for you to think about the office surfaces, doors, & other places, which you can sanitize by taking the help of office cleaning services, Perth.

3. Install hand sanitizer 

Install hand-sanitizer stations in main doorways & at regular corridor intervals. It is necessary to encourage everybody to use them as constant hand-sanitizing eradicates germs that they have already picked up by coming in contact with infected particles & can stop them from getting sick.


The above blog is meant to cover the basics of developing a healthy & sanitary work environment. The flourishing of the office workplace extends not just to sanitizing & cleaning the office, but also to good communication as well as signage strategies, & healthy office habits & beyond.

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