The 5 Important Things About School Cleaning in Perth

School cleaning service in Perth has become even more important given the COVID situation. Merely keeping the school clean is not enough anymore. You need to sanitize the whole area to prevent the infection from spreading. It has now become even more important to clean the school so that kids can stay safe and healthy.

Now, cleaning is an important part of school maintenance. There are some aspects of school cleaning that need to considered to keep things efficient. Whether you clean the school using the in-house team or hire a professional team, there are things that you need to pay attention. It is important to keep the whole premise clean, sanitized and safe for the kids. By opting for the right cleaning program, schools can ensure that their premise is free of germs, disease and any kind of threat.

Here are some important aspects of school cleaning you need to keep in mind:

  • Cleaning Schedule

Sticking to a cleaning schedule is very important as it will help keep the premise clean and sanitized. Given the current COVID threat, the schools need more cleaning in a day than ever. It is important to create an effective cleaning schedule where the schools are cleaned thoroughly using the best cleaning products. And, cleaning twice and thrice a day is more important now.

If you are unable to do it, you can opt for professional School cleaning service Perth. This will take care of the cleaning as they have the team, experience and cleaning equipment to provide the best solution.

  • Proper Waste Disposal

As mentioner before, cleaning has become more important due to COVID and this include proper waste disposal system. Does your school have any waste disposal system? If not, it is high time that you must have one. What does it mean having an efficient waste disposal system? It means proper handling of waste like used tissues and waste products. Make sure that the cleaners wear gloves while collecting the waste and disposing them. Make sure that the cleaners don’t touch the waste with bare hands.

Proper waste disposal can be ensured with the help of a professional school cleaning service in Perth. The cleaners are trained and have experience in handling waste more effectively than anyone else. This will ensure that your school is clean and safe from any cleaning issues.

  • Identify High Risk Areas

When it comes to school cleaning, you need to mark down the high-risk areas. These are the places where the bacteria is lurking and posses the most threat. Identify the high traffic areas like the things that gets touched more often like the doorknobs, tables, restrooms, water fountain and computer workstations. Identify other areas that are similar to high-risk areas. Make sure that these areas are cleaned well using the most effective cleaning products. Keep the doors open so that kids don’t have to touch it. Or you can install motion sensors to prevent the kids from touching the door knobs.

You can easily keep your premises clean with a professional service if you don’t have the resources to meet the cleaning requirements.

  • Hire a Professional team

Hiring a professional cleaning service can serve you more ways than one. First, you don’t have to stress about the cleaning. Secondly, the professional cleaners are trained and have tons of experience in cleaning the schools. They have updated the cleaning process to meet the current situation. this means that they will extra care in cleaning the school to keep them safe.

School cleaning service in Perth can help you keep your school premise clean and well-maintained easily. They have the cleaning products that are highly effective and equipment that are advanced. Plus, it will save your precious time and money too. You can easily hire them to clean the whole school so that you can focus on the essential things.

  • Involve Everyone

It is important that the kids and the staff take part in keeping the school clean and sanitized. Teach the kids to keep their hands clean, sanitized and practice social distancing. This will greatly help them stay safe. When you involve the kids, keeping the school clean and sanitized can become easier. Train the kids to stay sage and follow the rules so that they can remain safe inside the premises. This will help reduce the risk and ensure that the school is safe for the kids.

The Bottom-line

These are some of the most important expects of the school cleaning that needs to be considered. Make sure that you have an effective cleaning schedule. Hire professional cleaning service for the best results. Involve the kids and educate them about the importance of keeping things clean and sanitized.

Servpro offer school cleaning service in Perth. We can customize the cleaning to ensure that the school remains clean and well-maintained. We strive to provide easy, effective and cost-saving cleaning option for schools. We have a trained and experienced team that can handle all your cleaning needs without any hassle. Call us at 08 9398 8642 or write to us at for more information.

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